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Learn to Fly and

Enjoy the Sky


Experience the gift of flying on your own and with others?

​Learn to fly a Light Sport Aircraft and get your sport pilots certificate!

You will be guided from the very beginning of ground school to completion of flight training.  You can be trained at your local airport with an accelerated course (see below) or you can come to beautiful Albuquerque and fly from a controlled airspace airport or both.


I have an FAA certified “Special” Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) which means it requires a higher level of maintenance for flight training.  Not only does my aircraft have to have a routine annual inspection I am also required to get a detailed 100 hour inspection when that occurs.  Safety is our first concern!


There are usually 4 steps to acquiring your Trike Sport Pilot Certificate.  1), 15 hours of Dual Flight Instruction.  2), Ground School and Knowledge Test.  3), Solo Flying and XC (cross country flights) and 4), Your FAA Examiners Oral and Proficiency test.


Please note that these hours are the minimum required hours of instruction your hours may be longer! 

Albuquerque Special Pricing…

Flight Training in an FAA Certified Special Light Sport Aircraft for Dual Instruction $200 per hour




Training Must be done at Double Eagle II Airport in Albuquerque.

*** Ask about my Frank Special Pricing***

Ground School Training is $50.00 per hour.




Have Trike Will Travel

If you want training at your location, I can come to you.  Get the convenience of not having to take vacation time to learn how to fly and get your sport pilot license.  I’ll come to you so you can learn how to fly and go to work the same day.  Weather permitting, we can fly in the early mornings then again fly more later in the day. 

Accelerated training "ain’t no tea sipping routine," you’re expected to have your training material in hand and be working on your ground school written test prep before I arrive for flight training.  You’ll be expected to be at the airport at sunrise everyday and back again before sunset.  Follow a proven and participate successfully in my curriculum, and commit to the time needed to complete your training.

I am a Certified Flight Instructor for Weight Shift Controlled Aircraft and a Licensed Sport Pilot through the FAA. 

New and Pre Owned Trikes are available – let me help you find yours!

If accelerated training is requested and is away from Albuquerque a per hour flight time and ground school pricing will be provided upon request.


As Always, Spouses Fly Free


Some nice things a few of my students said about me and my method of training....

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 7.03.24 AM
Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 7.13.16 AM
Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 7.13.55 AM
Trike - B25
Pugs in Bomber Jacket
Ginger & Colby 20200721_093023
Ginger Solo 20200721_080424
Colby Solo 20200720_075458
2015-08-21 04.52.37 pm
2015-08-21 04.49.15 pm
2015-08-20 08.51.13 am

Jim Britt opened the skies to me!  His thoughtful, easy-going manner brought me to an understanding of how the sky, weather and my flying machine enables flight.  His friendly, patient method of training me while we were flying together put me at ease and ensured my flight training was both fun and educational.  I would highly recommend Jim Britt as an instructor to anyone!  Here’s the ultimate recommendation:  my children will be some of his next students!


Howard B.

Clovis, New Mexico

First let me say I was very impressed when I first met Jim. He is more than willing to travel to where you are in order to give you flying lessons. If it weren't for Jim's willingness to do so, I wouldn't have my sport pilots license today.I think the one thing that impressed me the most is his views about safety. He trained me in my own trike but would not set foot in it without going over it thoroughly. He even got a ladder out so he could inspect my wing and he did find a couple small things that were wrong.

Jim is good about finding your weak points and helping correct them, anything from how to maintain altitude during a turn to proper radio use. Jim knew exactly what I needed the practice on in order to pass my check ride. 

Thanks for all the help Jim!


Larry M.

Buckeye Arizona


Jim Britt is always safety minded and patient, and brings a student to the awareness on how to react and cope with most situations that one might encounter. Learning is a constant and Mr. Britt will help you develop the proper good habits that one should use from aircraft inspection, weather, airport educate, and good all around flying techniques.


Jim Britt is also my friend. This friendship was developed in our love of flying. My love of flying, along with my hanger pal Larry, also trained by Jim, have enjoyed countless hours in the sky traveling to more and more far reaching places that aren't seen from the ground. I would recommend Jim Britt to anyone needing training, or just an endorsement. It is not about the money to him. It is his love of flying, and ours.


Duane S.

Buckeye Arizona


My name is Dan and I am a 68 year old retired Police officer from the midwest. I have been living in Phoenix, AZ since my retirement in 2000. I flew ultralights in Wisconsin since 1982 but when we moved to Arizona I decided to get involved with flying trikes. I was trained and soloed and then flew as a Student Pilot until I could find the right CFI to complete my training for Sport Pilot. 


In late 2017, while flying out of my home airport in Buckeye, AZ I was introduced to Jim Britt who was training another trike pilot for his Sport Pilot checkride.  I spoke with Jim about completing my training and he was totally willing to come out to my home airport and train me in my own craft. I then found out Jim lived in Albuquerque, NM and was willing to make "house calls" to help pilots with their training and Sport Pilot checkride. (when was the last time you had a house call for any service??)  Jim was cordial, respectful, honest, and a great sense of humor!! I later found out what an amazing pilot/instructor he was as well.


This last summer Jim traveled to Buckeye, AZ - camped out at the airport, and trained me in everything I would need to pass my checkride. He was thorough, encouraging, and competent in all areas of the training and instruction. 2 weeks after Jim's training I took me checkride with Gregg Ludwig - who also came to me so I could take my checkride in my own craft and in my own familiar area. Oh, yeah - and I passed!! 


I can not thank Jim enough for preparing me for this test in the way he did with just enough encouragement and coaxing to overcome any nervousness to accomplish a Sport Pilot status. And let me also say that Jim is as reasonable in his fees as he is in his demeanor. Thanks again Jim - flying high with no worries!!   


Dan D.

Buckeye Arizona


Following a web search, I found two choices in Albuquerque when it came to flying trikes. The choices were fire in the sky with the red devil, or Trike Flights with Jim Britt. Considering the only time fire in the sky is a good thing when it comes to fireworks, and that I had no desire to fly with the Dark Lord, I picked up the phone called Jim Britt. 


It was a decision I have not regretted. Jim helped me from beginning to end. I started day one in the front of the trike and was hooked. I discovered it was something I wanted to continue. Soon after, with Jim's patient help, I purchased a trike. Jim was willing to take his own time, energy, vehicle and trailer to drive me to Buckeye Arizona twice (first time to look and second time to purchase). 


We finished my sport pilot with my new trike and had a blast doing it. Jim was patient, kind, and positive throughout the entire experience. He emphasized safety as a top priority. He was able to work well with my busy work and family schedule. It's without reservation that I recommend choosing Jim Britt if you want to learn how to fly trikes and get your sport pilots license. Not only will you learn to soar among the birds, you will gain a good and loyal friend. 

Tony S.

Albuquerque, NM


Jim Britt was my instructor and helped me prepare for my Sports Pilots License.  I had been flying without a license for a few years and sharing a hangar with him.  With his encouragement I decided to obtain my SPL. 

His knowledge and experience was invaluable! 

Jim was very patient and methodical in his training and coaching. He was able to teach without being over-bearing or condescending.  

After training me in the practical aspects of flying he also held a very effective ground school.  No question was too small or too dumb. 

I would highly recommend Jim to any aspiring sport pilot ! 

John L. 

Albuquerque, NM


 I recently took WSC Trike lessons from Jim Britt.  I found Jim to be a thorough and patient instructor with a friendly demeanor.  Initially he took the time to ask me what I was trying to achieve, how I liked to learn, and what I liked and didn’t like in an instructor.  With this understanding of me as a person (as well as where I was regarding my flying abilities) allowed him to tailor the lessons to just what I needed.  He is about as friendly a guy as you could hope for in an instructor which made the experience pleasant.  In addition, his prices were quite fair (and believe me, I have looked at a lot of pricing for these lessons) and I never once felt like he was trying to extend a lesson or training just so he could make a buck.  I would recommend Jim to anyone looking into this sport whether you are just brushing up, or starting from scratch.


Bryan J

Seattle, WA


Jim was unbelievable as a CFI in my wife and I's entry into light sports (weight shift control) flying!  He was incredibly helpful, hard working, and thorough in his guidance about getting into the sport.  Jim was instrumental in my learning of FAA licensure requirements, travel logistics, ground school, and more all before we even started training and paid him a penny.  One of the most difficult parts of joining the trike community is buying your own trike considering entrants know next to nothing about them when they start their journey!  Jim literally spent dozens of hours guiding us through the buying process.  He talked on the phone with me and sellers, arranged transportation of the trike from Mississippi to Albuquerque (so we could train in our own trike!), and drove our trike from Albuquerque to Seattle to help us.  Jim wouldn't let us pay him for any of the support he gave us on the ground.  He only charged us for flight training!  It is obvious to us both through our interactions with Jim that he has a passion for the sport, and wants to help build and foster the community through his instruction.


In terms of flight instruction, Jim was patient, determined, positive, and skilled in his teaching.  Learning to fly in Albuquerque was a treat!  Jim has a beautiful hangar and trike that made learning convenient and fun.  We aced our written, oral, and flight test because of Jim's thorough instruction.  We were able to solo relatively quickly but safely.  Jim also gave us training in Seattle so we could get to know our airport and get used to flying our aircraft in a different climate! I soloed in Albuquerque and Jim worked with my wife in Seattle and would not leave until she felt safe and confident soloing. Jim even adjusted his teaching techniques to accommodate my wife's learning style when she struggled with certain skills. Consequently, we feel safe and confident in our flying very early in our flying careers.  We expect to have many friends who want to learn this spectacular activity.  We won't hesitate to recommend Jim to be their CFI!


Colby and Ginger

Bothell, WA 

And there's plenty more upon request!




Discovery Flights are an easy and affordable way to learn what it's like to fly like a bird and soar above the amazing beauty below.  If you would like to "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY" take a discovery flight to experience FLIGHT like never before.  As part of these flights you will be briefed on the safety rules then we'll go flying where you'll be taught the basics of flying, followed with taking the controls and actually flying the plane.  Don't worry I'll be right there with you all the way.  If you like it we can talk about taking lessons after we land. 

Sunrise and Sunset Flights

There's something very special to see just when the sun peaks its glory to start your day.  And somewhat sad when the sun leaves us to night with such amazing scenery.  

These flights are as special as the views and there are only 2 available per day.


Special 30 Minute Flight 


We will fly to an area where we can fly safely and where you'll be able to take the controls of the Trike.


You'll learn the basics of how the plane flies, turns, climbs and descends.


This is a great way to experience flying without spending a lot of money.

After, you will receive a valid student logbook with an official lesson endorsement to use towards your Light Sport Pilot requirements.


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

1 Hour Discovery Flight

After a safety briefing we will take off and start the flight with learning the fundamentals of flight. 


With the 1 hour flight you'll have just that much more time to enjoy the experience of flying in a unique flying machine.

This flight is for those wanting to get the most out of their available flying time. 

After this flight you will receive a valid student logbook with an official lesson endorsement to use towards your Light Sport Pilot requirements.


FOR TRAINING and Available Discounts CALL

505 377 1262




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Watch a short 360 video of our Light Sport Trike we Fly
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