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Experience the gift of flying on your own and with others?

Want the challenge that very few can say they have accomplished?


Learn to fly a trike and get your sport pilots certificate!


You will be guided from the very beginning of ground school to completion of flight training.  You can be trained at your local airport with an accelerated 2 week course or you can come to beautiful Albuquerque and fly from a controlled airspace airport or both.


We have a FAA certified “Special” light sport aircraft which means it requires a higher level of maintenance for flight training.  Not only do our aircraft have to have a routine annual inspection we are also required to get a detailed 100 hour when that occurs.  Safety is our first concern!


There are usually 4 steps to acquiring your Trike Sport Pilot Certificate.  1), 15 hours of Dual Flight Instruction.  2), Ground School and Knowledge Test.  3), Solo Flying and XC (cross country flights) and 4), Your FAA Examiners Oral and Proficiency test.


Please note that hours of instruction and levels of flying proficiency are dependent on student pilots’ comprehension of actual flying exercises and book learning of required FAA rules, regulations and materials. 


Albuquerque Special Pricing…


Flight Training in an FAA Certified Special Light Sport Aircraft for Dual Instruction $125.00 per hour. 

Training Must be done at Double Eagle II Airport in Albuquerque.


Ground School Training is $50.00 per hour.


Have Trike Will Travel

If you want training at your location, we can come to you.  Get the convenience of not having to take a vacation to learn how to fly or take months to get your sport pilot license .  We’ll come to you so you can learn how to fly and go to work the same day.  Weather permitting, we can fly in the mornings then do ground school or fly more later in the day.  If accelerated training is requested and is away from Albuquerque a per hour flight time and ground school pricing will be provided upon request.


Accelerated training ain’t no tea sipping routine, you’re expected to have your written test completed before we arrive for flight training.  You’ll be expected to be at the airport at sunrise everyday and back again before sunset.  Follow a proven and participate successfully in our curriculum, and commit to the time needed to complete your training.


Financing is available

Ask us about the details.


New and Pre Owned Trikes are available – let us help you find yours!

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